Stardew Valley inspired post apocalyptic robot farm simulator.  Grow plants, chop wood, mine stone and metal.  Save the human race!   Created by these fine folks from the Gamkedo Club:

Jeremy Kenyon: Project lead, concept, core gameplay code, initial HUD and resource pickup, camera movement, tree chopping, recharge station functionality, time of day implementation, programmatic harvest animation, player energy limitation, plant harvesting, silo progress bar, endings

Randy Tan Shaoxian: Crops blowing in wind effect, tooltip improvements, wind mechanics that affect plants, gather limits, inventory hotkeys, hoe functionality, mouseover sound, context sensitive click handling, energy bar dynamic coloration, extensive refactoring and general code readability improvements, assorted bug fixes

Michael "Misha" Fewkes: Custom sound system code,  music integration, environmental and weather sounds, mute functionality, effect volume mixing, time of day and movement fixes, UI sounds

Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila: Weather simulation system code and related art, soil drying, bird and butterfly animations and AI code, GUI clock improvements, goal progress report, interaction highlight, GUI polish, text wrap and font integration, showing selected item in player hands, liquid layout, particle system system and related effects art, mouse bug fixes

Dan Dela Rosa: persistent data storage save and load of all gameplay data

Harrison Leadlay: Main menu, in-game UI (pane, button, and tab code), cliff tiles, original help text

Charlene A.:  planting, art (wood, twig, multiple flowers, water tiles, lily, corn, potato, eggplant, tomato, apple tree, chili, wheat)

Terrence McDonnell: farm and related tile integration, object depth sorting, land tilling, implemented plant requirements, back hoe, watered plant persistence, mineral art improvements

Nicholas Polchies:  Main inventory code, animation support, hotbar improvements, mouse code, movement fixes, input refactoring

Jaime Rivas:  Walking code, audio for walking, idle, watering, resource gathering and depositing

Brandon Trumpold: Resource limits and removal when depleted, hotkeys for hotbar menu, ambient song, time reset code clean up

Simon J Hoffiz: Level layout design, farm fence code and art, radiation mechanic prototype (unused)

Rémy Lapointe: Rock art, art for several trees (large, dead, surviving)

Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte): 3 songs (Bright Future, good+bad end), GUI polish, liquid layout, mouse fixes, credits display

H Trayford: 3 plant sprites, movement and gathering interaction improvements

Vignesh Ramesh: Peace song, player character sprite

Kise: Morning song, main menu logo, grass ground tile art

Coy Compositions: MP Marimba song

Stebs: Farmhouse art and menu song

Dana Alcala: Tilled and watered soil art, dirt ground art, rock transparency fix

Kyle Thomas: Barn art

Brian Boucher: Mouse highlight for nearby mouseover

Sigrath: Station art, global building inventory and related save/load

Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant:  Pause screen when window deselected, hotbar visibility fix

Development log


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 think I may have found a bug. There doesn't seem to be enough metal on the map. I can find 90, but not 100. I've tried clearing the trees but after I cleared about half of them they stopped disappearing so I can't get rid of them anymore. 


Thanks for the heads up!  Both of these bugs have been resolved.  Unfortunately due to the way JavaScript games get saved, you will need to start a new game for the fixes to get applied. 

Thanks for addressing that, I'll just start a new game. It's well done, I've been enjoying it. 


Thanks!  The team did a great job putting this together.  I'm glad you're enjoying it.  :)