A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an underwater survival horror game!  Player has to learn what happened to the rest of the crew and while trying to avoid their fate in the process.  Made with the help of these lovely people from the Gamkedo Gamedev Club!

Lead developer, concept design, main programmer: Jeremy Kenyon

Radio model, airlock door, ambient sound, glowing glyphs, seabase models and textures, voice acting: Andy King

Giant shark man, goblin shark and spider crab models, procedural creature animation, airlock door animations: Tim Waskett

Flashlight coding, lighting, character controller polish, lighting design, main menu, sealab design, sonar scan effect: Nick Polchies

Inventory programming and art, underwater carrier background, arm chair model, diving propellor model: Sergio Solorzano

Audio programming, sound effects, music: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

World design, seabed terrain, lab spaces and models: Simon J Hoffiz

Greebles, pipes, wires, control panels, tubular habitat meshes, crashed airplane mesh, schools of fish, particle systems: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Flask, beaker, and bunsen burner models, voice acting, main menu music: Vignesh Ramesh

Enemy swarning A.I., creature spawning code, swarming logic and gameplay: Cameron Button

Diving helmet HUD design: Marcus Silva

Notebook model, beaker model, picture frame model: Nicholas Fewkes

Additional character design: Dana Alcala

Voice acting: Eugene Meidinger

Flashlight improvements, UI polish: brk_zp

Mug and plate models: Cindy Rey Lee

Tube worm model: dtderosa

Compass icons, portal particles: Chris DeLeon


sea-officially-lost-osx.zip 143 MB
Version 5 May 05, 2018
sea-officially-lost-windows.zip 137 MB
Version 5 May 05, 2018
sea-officially-lost-linux.zip 146 MB
Version 5 May 05, 2018

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