* Gamepad support via Chrome only.

Project lead, core gameplay (prototype flight control), camera tracking, voxel building, world map and terrain mesh, hospital model, gamepad improvements, bat particles, office building textures, ground vehicle scripting, photo mission, objective arrow, sound integration, forest mesh, residential models: Jeremy Kenyon
Roof texturing, assorted office and residential building models (7+), tree sway script (prototyped), dust cloud particles, volcano model and eruption particles, scrolling lava texture, tour mission and billboard, ocean shader, boat scripting, pause menu: Terrence McDonnell
New helicopter steering system and related tuning, follow camera script, landing mechanic, postprocessing, vehicle stability improvements, majority of initial city design, tutorial, speed particles, response to load (prototype): Kornel
Mission system and related UI, mission-related particles (including fireworks), best times storage/reset, boundary limits, credits scene, menu volume sliders: Jeremy Jackson
Models for yachts (2), raft, speedboat, coast guard ship, crashed ship, docks (3), cargo ship, sampan boat, car, truck: Charlene A.
Transport helicopter model, scene organization: Dan Lazar
Blade motion blur, rescue helicopter model and texture, rope physics (prototyped), gamepad controls, seagull particles, cloud particles, ground crowd: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila
Plane AI model and plane scripting: Cameron Button
Radio song (2 of 5, also used as title): Stebs
Radio song (1 of 5): Avery Pratt
Radio song (1 of 5): Cecilia Borges
Radio song (1 of 5): Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte)
Sounds for helicopter, mission updates, and crashes: Shaun Lindsley
Day and night functionality and related lamp script: Barış Köklü
Outhouse and warehouse models: Marcelo Gonçalves
Initial car traffic waypoint scripting (prototyped): Rémy Lapointe
Z-fighting fixes, smoothed helicopter deceleration: Brandon
Tree model: Miles Robson (Confirm4Crit)
TV tower model, sports stadium model, song/radio tuner, ground texture: Chris DeLeon
Menu sound effects: Jaime Rivas
FMOD Integration, base chopper sound: Chris Markle
Cleanup of tutorial text: Caspar "SpadXIII" Dunant
Added README.md: Vaan Hope Khani
Logo Font: Chequered Ink fonts 

Game developed in Gamkedo Club find out more at gamkedo.com

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